Unlock your inner strength with the hottest combo in fitness


Found at select PureRyde locations ONLY... Our PureRyde +Pilates program creates a killer combo to strengthen, tighten and tone your core, lower body and upper body. Pilates exercises are targeted to develop strength in the deep intrinsic muscles of the abdomen and spine. By uniting the athletic conditioning of indoor cycling with the core elements of pilates, clients will maximize cardiovascular and strength benefits. 

Our unique PureRyde +Pilates is designed to bring high energy, inspiring music, and unique choreography together to create a dynamic and athletic pilates reformer workout. Our +Pilates classes are designed for both men and women with an athletic approach. This class involves high repetition and weight integration to keep your blood pumping, sweat pouring, and muscles burning. With a focus on core strength and a high energy workout, PureRyde +Pilates will help you transfer more power to the pedals! 

Private +Pilates Sessions are available at select PureRyde studios offering the +Pilates Technique. For more information, please contact your local studio!