PureRyde in Bethesda offers a combo of pedaling and Pilates {By Vicky Hallett, June 2014} Your body is a vehicle, so your life is a ride, says Ingrid Nelson, community director of PureRyde, a cycling/Pilates studio in Bethesda. Her goal is to teach students that whether they’re pedaling, squatting or facing any other challenge, they have more gas in the tank than they realize. It’s hard to argue with Nelson’s reasoning, and even tougher to keep up with her classes.

PureRyde Comes to Austin! {By Sadie Flynn} Unlike most indoor cycling studios, PureRyde, founded by Cronberger and partner Kelle Ilitch, goes beyond your ordinary cardio workout or even a standard spin class. Their goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience, right down to the core.

Pure Vision {January 2013} From the doors of their home state based Pilates business, Pure Element Pilates, in West Bloomfield, MI to the recently christened doors of their BRAND NEW RealRyder® studio PureRyde in Austin, TX is…you know, just a measly 1400 miles! Those are the kinds of lengths or rather distances Laura Cronberger and Kelle Ilitch are willing to go to in order to spread their passion for fitness and good health. You go girls!

A positive spin: Cycling is a popular way to shet the excesses of winter {By Nate Thurman, January 2015} Early in the year people are committed to resolutions, trying to change for the better. Spin classes and cycling are an increasingly popular workout option, with gyms holding spin classes across South Mississippi.

Fitness Class Review: Cycling at PureRyde Bethesda {By Francesca Saunders, June 2014} PureRyde opened in Bethesda in May, the only East Coast branch of the boutique fitness studio that offers +Pilates classes and cycling on RealRyder bikes, which have movable frames that simulate riding outdoors. They’re known for making difficult indoor-cycling classes even harder by engaging more of the body, and burn 20 percent more calories than riding a standard stationary bike.

Take a “Ryde” with Austin’s Newest Cycling Adventure {By Lauren George and Joey Trombetta, May 2013} If you’ve driven across West 6th in the last few months, you may have noticed the snazzy sign reading “PureRyde” in the Pressler Gables building. If you (like me) wondered what a “PureRyde” was, let me enlighten you with a step-by-step tour through your first day at Austin’s newest spin studio, led by one of our own amazing trainers who also happens to be an instructor at PureRyde: Lauren George

Gables Urban Introduces a New Style to Its Fitness Lineup at Gables Pressler ​{February 2013} ​ PureRyde Revolutionizes Indoor Cycling in Austin. ​PureRyde offers a variety of sixty minute full-body workout-rides with class times that cater to all. Whether you are an early riser, only have an hour at lunch or prefer an evening sweat, PureRyde has ride times that fit any schedule.

Stay Strong, Ryde On: Austin's New Indoor Cycling Experience {By Jeana Bertoldi, September 2013} For Austinites looking to spice up their workout routine, PureRyde offers an exercise experience unlike and you've had before. The studio, located at 5th Street and Pressler, intertwines enthusiastic, high-energy instruction with hard-core, full-body workouts designed to blast calories while sculpting legs, arms and core muscles.

PureRyde and Whole Foods Market present Cycle to Benefit {By Jacqui Devani, September 2013} If you happened to stop by Whole Foods Saturday morning, you might have been surprised to be greeted by a team of stationary cyclists pedaling their hearts out to our favorite Katy Perry and One Direction songs. PureRyde, Austin’s state-of-the-art cycling studio, partnered with Whole Foods to host Cycle to Benefit, an event that will give all proceeds to the Whole Kids Foundation.

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