PureRyde Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training:

About our Training:

  • Learn choreography applicable to the Allegro 2 Reformer to provide a full

    body workout.

  • Understand the purpose and target muscle group(s) for each exercise.

  • Learn modifications for those needing additional assistance due to an

    injury or special need.

  • Learn basic anatomy in order to facilitate proper technique and form.

  • Learn to structure a Pilates Reformer class using proper transitions, music,

    cueing, and timing: Springs of varying strengths provide resistance and support while the client moves through a sequence of exercises. Exercises vary from simple isolated movements of the arms and legs to complex exercises involving the whole body.

  • This well designed program addresses and challenges the mind and body of each client. Reformer sessions provide a refreshing and energizing workout while improving strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and coordination. 

About our Certification:


Are there any prerequisites prior to attending an instructor training?
No, anyone can attend one of our trainings regardless of their background. Those who have a background in dance, Pilates, yoga, or group fitness instruction will have an easier time fully comprehending the information during the training but the manual is created in such a way that all material reviewed during the training can be revisited afterwards.

What is the cost to attend an instructor training?
The cost per person is $349 which includes 12-hours of on-site instruction with a Master Trainer and a comprehensive manual.


How do I become a certified Pilates Instructor?
A certified status is provided to those who have completed our 12-hour PureRyde Comprehensive Instructor training. Following an instructor training an average of 30 practice hours are recommended. This number is just an average and while some require less hours, some require more. It is suggested the 30 hours be broken down in to 10 hours of participation (taking PureRyde or similar style classes), 10 hours of observation (watching a class in action and actively taking notes) and 10 hours or practice teaching.


Is there ongoing support and education provided after the training?
Specialized workshops are available at select studios. These workshop dates and locations are listed on our website and costs may vary.


Are there requirements to maintain my certified status?

No. We trust that as fitness professionals you are either part of another organization that has continuing education requirements, that you personally believe in the importance of continuing education enough to participate in opportunities, or that you work for a facility that has their own continuing education requirements. Because of this, PureRyde does not have our own set of requirements or fees for maintaining your certified status.


Are than any hidden fees outside of the instructor training cost such as a licensing fee?
No licensing fees, no required monthly fees, no re-certification fees. The fee you pay at the time of registration covers your training and instructor manual.


Where can I teach the PureRyde Comprehensive Pilates technique?
Anywhere you have access to a pilates reformer.


What continuing education credits do I receive?
We are a continuing education provider through AFAA and NASM.


I signed up for a training but I can no longer make it. Do I get a refund?
We provide a full refund with more than three weeks’ notice from the scheduled training. If canceling within a three- week window of the scheduled training a refund will not be provided. You may however attend another training of equal or lesser value taking place in the next 6 months.


How do I host a PureRyde Comprehensive Pilates training at my studio for multiple instructors?
A minimum number of participants are required. Please email info@pureryde.com to host a training at your facility. Please note travel fees may apply. 

Upcoming Trainings: please email info@pureryde.com to inquire about future trainings near you!

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